Because Suju does whatever the heck they want.

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im so awkward at talking i want to punch myself in the face

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[130103 Sukira] MingWook said it on Sukira just now~Min was talking abt he was cleaning his room, then wook said sth like ‘so u’re leaving Kyuhyun now~’ ㅋㅋ


cr : @jinnmeow

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fucking crYING FUCK

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So I’ve finally made 1 year since I joined Tumblr. At first I used it just to save pictures with Super Junior and to see the news, but I ended up creating gifs and edits and being obsessed with it. 

I want to thank everyone, especially my amazing followers. I still can’t believe how many you are and that actually someone follows me. I’m not such a quality blog, but I’m trying. I don’t do the best edits and gifs, but I’m still learning.

I also want to thank to all my friends I’ve made on here: Melody, Sid, Nadine, Andreea, Sonia, Miki, Catherine, Mai and my newest friends Rina and Angel,who is known as dongsaeng. (I’m sorry if I forgot someone ><) 

I hope I’ll keep being here for another year and I hope you will keep following me and liking me. 

Thank you so much everyone! 

Happy 1st Anniversary to me~!!! 

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As requested, here are whom I hope to follow forever on Tumblr. These blogs are absolutely awesome and run by some of the most wonderful people I have had the pleasure to meet. They are truly admirable people who have great taste in Korean idols, lol. Please check them out (you’ll thank me later :D)

perolinha | kiss-the-radio | heepnotic | ultramelon | polei | maitokkii | qhyuns | evildork | hyukjaees | lee-teuk | hyuker | haeppitteuk | celo-mar | heelty | leeteukismylife | ediiofcourse | monkeilii | poddlepuffs | andrew-choi | teukits | shyupajunia | ohohparkjungsu | lee-hyukjaees | haees | elfishaee | hyukwoon | thegreatmingdynasty | Iteuk | jungsori | welovehaehyuk | kidhae | haeliciouss | yeyuns | rurouneko | jaehyuks | elfish-noona | chorgasm | blueprincez | yewooks | haeface | ampmintice | leeteuk701 | 13elieve-in-15 | ryeobear | sneezes | hyukaholic | mysilentmemory | kyuclam | fishydee | superjuniorkr | haeppily | haehyukyumin | donghaes2 | duckflyfly | superandyy | sunshinekyu | haemburger | kiminhan-na | mingstrategy | choie | butihatetumblr | hojaverde | eunhaexo | love2minskhjitsuwa

Thank you~!!! You are one of my follow forever blogs too~!! 

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These are just some of the blogs I appreciate and like a lot. They are not just amazing blogs, but amazing people. I’ve made this as an end of the year Follow Forever. You all should check them out. They deserve to have many followers. ^^ 

Not in a particular order. *Bolded: the ones I usually talk and I’m friends with 

Also, check my blogroll. 

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Happy new year everyone! Since my first tumblr anniversary has been not too long ago, I decided to make a follow forever in order to thank everyone who has made my tumblr experience worthwhile! These are some blogs I absolutely adore, make sure to check them out if you haven’t already <3!

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13/25 favorite Sungmin fancams.

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